Viva V.S. is a company founded in 2000. Upon the establishment, our company dealt with international trade in agricultural products. Meantime, Viva V.S. has expanded its activities to sale of agricultural machinery, producing agricultural products, and storing grains.


Nowadays, we represent renowned Polish agricultural brands: MCMS Warka, Bomet, JAR-MET and Gomar. We produce cereals and oilseeds on about 300 ha of agricultural land. We have silos for storing cereals, and a modern apple orchard across the surface of 11ha. Our plan is also to build a cold storage for fruits.

We are open to cooperation with all agricultural producers, as in the form of economic cooperation also in the form of support.



All these brands come from Poland. In Poland, about four million people are engaged in agriculture, and they have achieved excellent results in this field. The percentage of rural population is one of the highest in Europe and it exceeds 25 percent. Some 72.3% of the Polish is engaged in agriculture. This country, which has 

suffered from the most severe shortages of agricultural products until some 20-25 years ago, perhaps more than any other country in Eastern Europe, falling short even of the basic agricultural products, has become one of the largest agrarian exporters in Europe. During this, or at the latest next year, Polish agricultural exports will exceed 10 billion euros. The Polish West supplies a large part of the German East with fresh agricultural products. Poland is Europe's largest exporter of apples, berries, like raspberries, gooseberries, currants, blackberries and strawberries, whether fresh, frozen, processed into pulp or juice. Poland is also the second largest producer of peppers in Europe. Lately, the export of Polish agricultural products has increased five times.

Poland is the fourth largest milk producer in the EU. Their production grew from 6.5 billion to 10 billion liters of milk. Today, Poland is Europe’s food superpower, which increased its exports by 17% in just one year.

In line with this kind of agricultural growth, the Polish industry of agricultural machinery also developed in parallel. The market desperately needed some affordable prices and satisfactory quality of agricultural machinery. Such conditions have enabled small workshops to become serious factories that export their products to Western markets and around the world. These are now modern factories with a tradition of 25-30 years. These factories have CNC metalworking machines, welding robots, etc. Durability tests are performed on all machines. These are all reasons why we decided to represent producers of agricultural machinery from Poland